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SAI® Company (Private) Limited is a single source solution for most of the oilfield equipment, software and service needs. Our scope of work includes diversified activities in the upstream and downstream of Oil and Gas sector. We offer the following products.

Casing, Tubing, OCTG, Connections, Chokes, Blowout Preventors (BOPs) and Divertors, Drill Stem Valves, Drill Pipe Protectors, Pulsation Dampeners, Control Line Protectors, Downhole Control Line, Kellyguard, Actuators for Top Drive IBOPs, Checkguard, Offshore BOP/Divertor Control Systems, Marine Drilling Riser, Remanufactured Equipment and Overhaul and Repair Services, OCTG Re-threading, BOP’s Refurbishing, Wellhead, X-Mass Trees, Tubing Head, Tubing Spools, Tubing Hangers/Adapters, Casing Spools, Casing Hangers, Casing Heads, Gate Valves, Coupling / Adapters, Bushing / Annulus Seals and services for Onshore / Offshore Applications. Topside DUET Multiphase Flow Meter and Subsea Multiphase Flowmeters. Hot Tapping Machines, Stopple Plugging Machines Tapping and Plugging Fittings and Valves Pipe Plugs and Casing Seals, M-2 Plastic Thinsulator, U-Seal, Z-Seal, Squeezing Machines, Shortstop Fittings, Butt Fusion, Joining of Polyolefin Pipe and Fittings, Pipe Plugs, Pipeline Insulators and Centering Cradles, Pipeline Pigs, Closures, Pig Signal Indicators, Pig Launchers / Receivers, Pipeline Cleaning, Pipeline Geometry Inspection, Inspection Services, Hydro Testing, De-watering and Drying, Field Welding Services, Pipe Cold Cutting & Beveling, Pipe Freezing, Repair Leak Clamps, Pipeline Wrap Coat Material, Pipeline repairs, Chemical Cleaning of Pipelines. Gasbag Setting Systems, Gasbag Sealers, Stopper and Piston Sealers, Pipeline Coatings, Gasmeter Removing without Shutdown, Mobile Cascade Unit, Pipe Squeezing Device, Coating Control Device, Digital Integrator, PE-Pipeline Intervention System, Tapping and Plugging of Branch Connections, Plunge Probe, Branch Connection Fittings, High Speed Gas Leak Detection Vehicle, Flame Ionization Gas Leak Detector, Explosimeter, Drilling Equipment, Detection of Underground Pipes and Cables, Loss of Pressure Calculator, Quantification Vehicle, Water leakage, Non-metallic Underground Pipe Location Probe, Ibak Cameras, Sealing Process and Tightness Testing, Water Tabernacles, PE Transition Fittings, Tapping Saddles, Coupler Sockets, Wellhead Control Panel, Portable High Pressure Hydrostatic Pump System, Grease Injection Control Shields, Remote Control Shut Down Systems, Transfer Pumps, telemetry systems, Chemical Injection Pumps, Chemical Injection Pumps and Products, Hydraulic Diaphragm Pump, V&X Plunger Pumps, W Plunger Pump, LD Diaphragm Pump Low Pressure, Control Systems Modules, Controller/Relays, Accessories, Gas & LPG Odorization Systems, Odorant Detection System, Natural Gas Sampling Systems, Light Liquid Sampling Systems, Crude Oil Sampling System, Sample Cylinders, Temperature Compensated Regulators, Sample Probes, Meter Lubrication System, Chemical Injection System / Skids etc, Onshore / Offshore Applications:, Separators, Treators, Water Knockouts, Heaters, Gas Production Units, Dehydration Units, Combination HSU / DEHY Units, Emission Control Technology, Gas Treating Equipment, Offshore Production Equipment, Storage, Gate Valves API 6A, Expanding Gate Valve, Slab Gate Valves, Dual Body Recessed Valves, Actuated Valves & SSV’s, Actuators & Bonnet Assemblies, Diaphragm Pneumatic Actuators, Piston Pneumatic Actuators, Piston Hydraulic Actuators, Actuators Accessories, Needle Valves (Standard & Sour Services, High Temperature), Low Pressure Safety Valve, Check Valve, Control Ball Valve & Actuator, Pressure Sensors & Level Switches, Double Block & Bleed Valve, Twinseal Valve, Plug Valve and 4-Way Divertor Valve, Axial Flow Control Valves & All Types of Chokes, Mud Valves, Gate Valves, Gas Turbine Filters, Pulse Air Filters, Industrial Dust Collectors, Cartridges, and all other types of Filters, PE Pipe and fittings (MDPE / HDPE), PE/Steel Transition Fittings, Couplers, Socket, Tapping Saddles, Welding units, welding fittings and many other products and accessories for PE and steel, Single Point Mooring, Floating Storage and Offloading, Floating Production Storage and Offloading, Permanent SPM Systems, (Services, Design, Produces and Delivers), Spoolable Reinforced Composite (SRC) Pipe, Fiberglass Pipe, Yellow Box, Red Box, Wavistrong, Fiberglass Casing, Tubing. All Fiberglass related pipe products, Centrifugal Pumps, Transfer Pumps, Process Pumps, VSMP Pumps, Piston Pumps, Vaporizers, Special Equipment and Alternators, Holiday Detector, Peak reading Voltmeter Half Circle Electrodes, Silicon Electrodes, Short Locator SPY Model, Dual Frequency Locator, High Power Auto Frequency Oscillator, short Locating & Pipe, Tracer Current Interrupter, 10 MEGOHM Cathodic Protection Voltmeter, Copper Sulphate Reference Electrodes, Insulator Tester, Pipe and Cable Locator, Induction Clamps and Leak Detectors and Transistorized Valve Locator, Leak Check, Easiflow, Ultra Check, All types explosion proof equipment and hazardous location equipment, Chemical Injection Systems / Pumps, Pneumatic Plunger Pump, Series Pneumatic Plunger Pump, Series Pneumatic Bellows Pump, Series Electric Pump, Beam Operated Plunger Pump, Accessories Including; Check Valves, Vent Valves, Pneumatic Timers, Low Volume Pneumatic Timers, Sight Flow Indicators, Filters, Injection Quills, Portable Drum Mounted Systems, Small Injection Systems, Portable Systems, Flow Indicators, Chemical Metering Pumps, Level Control Switches. Odorant Meters, Gas Monitors, Multipurpose Detector for Gas Utilities, Multipurpose Detectors, Survey Instruments, Area Monitors, RPM Level Compatible Indicator, Permanent Area Monitors, Combustible and Toxic Leak Locators, Explosimeters, dewatering pumps, All types of Bursting Disks (Standard, Composite, FAS, PCR, Flat low Pressure, ICD, Extruders, Threaded Holder, Union Holder, Insert Holders, Bolted or Welded, Burst Disk Alarm, Burst Disk Sensor, Sanitary Assembly, MBF Relief Valves, Sideboom Attachments, Hydraulically Operated Sideboom, Hydrostatic Testing Units, Skid Mount Hydrostatic Testing Units, Tail Eng Winches, Tapesters, M10R Sideboom, Hydraulic Drawworks and Counterweight Conversion Packages, Hydraulic Winches, Fill & Test Equipment, Precision Pipeline Equipment, Production Facility Equipment, Separators, Separators (Production & Test), Gas Scrubbers, Gas Knock-out Drums, Slug Catchers, Produced Water Degassers, Flash Drums, Flare Knock-out, Drums, Free Water Knock-out Drums, Enhanced Oil Recovery Systems, Wave Mitigation / Sloshing Effects, DC Control Systems, SCR Variable Speed Drive Systems, DC/DC Variable Speed Drive Systems, Disconnect Link, 2000 Amps, 5000 Amps, Generator Control Switchgear, Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, High-Resistance Ground Systems, Load Testing, Motor Control Centers, Power Control Houses, Power Factor Controls, Sold State, (Var-Gem), Switchgear, Low voltage, Medium Voltage, Synchronous Motor Controllers, Softwares for Chemical, Pipeline, Mechanical, Instrument Engineers, Gas Utility Products, PVC Saddle Tees, Polyethylene Water Pipe and Thermoweld, Electric Connections, Seal Valve Tees, Line Shields, Punch Tees, Repair Clamps, Meter Riser Adapter Coupling, Meter Shops Transistor, Compressor Valves for all types of Compressors, Suction Valve with Plug Unloader for Hydrogen Compressor, CPI Piston Seal, Special Bronze Packing Rings and Guide Bushes for Ethylene Hyper Compressor, Cooled Packing Assembly, Labyrinth Seals, Piston Rods, Gas Compressor Cylinder, Piston and Rider Rings, Piston and Cylinder Liners, Transformer, Rectifiers, DC-Power Sources, Impressed Current Anodes, Sacrificial Anodes, Test Stations, Reference Electrodes, Cabinets / Enclosures, Cables, Cable Connections, Fault location, Survey of subsea pipelines, Computerized close interval potential, logging survey, Computer based calculation of a.c. induced high voltage, Computerized deep soil resistivity measurement, CP-application software development service, Training courses and development seminars. Computer Softwares, Remote Monitoring and Control System (RMCS), underground gas leak detection equipment and Many other Products.

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