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SAI® Company (Private) Limited is a single source solution for most of the oilfield equipment, software and service needs. Our scope of work includes diversified activities in the upstream and downstream of Oil and Gas sector. We offer the following services.

Intelligent Pigging, High Resolution MFL Corrosion Surveys, Standard Resolution MFL Corrosion Surveys, Ultrasonic SCC Surveys, Ultrasonic Corrosion Surveys, High Resolution Deformation (Geometry) Surveys, Standard Resolution Caliper (Geometry) Surveys, GPS Pipeline Mapping Surveys, Inspection Services, UT Scan, Pipeline Integrity INS ILI Services, Ultrasonic Survey, Risk Based Inspection Services, Direct Assessment, Pipeline Softwares, Pigging, Proving and Cleaning of Pipelines. Quality Surveillance & Technical Support, Third Party/Vendor Inspection & Expediting Services Worldwide, Mill/Vendor Audit, Mill Surveillance, Expediting, Check and control Vendors QA/QC System, Check and control Qualification of Vendor Personnel, Intermediate Inspection, Running Inspection, Supervise / Witness special tests, Check traceability and documentation of manufacturing process, Final Inspection, Packing / Marking Inspection, Loading supervision, Issue Reports, Release Notes, Inspection Certificates, Mill Inspection Services at manufacturers plants acc. to EN 10204 worldwide, Third Party/Vendor Type Inspection within the whole Industry worldwide, Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Inspection of Drill Pipe, BHA, Tubing and Casing, Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Inspection of above ground storage tanks, Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspection of above ground flow lines, Small Bore Tube Inspection of heat exchangers, boilers, Condensers, etc., Non-Destructive Testing Services including RT, MT, PT, UT, PMI, CUI, Mechanical Testing and Metallurgical Services, Welding Procedure Writing and Qualification, Welder Testing Certification, Supply of QA/QC Personnel for Construction Projects and Plant Shutdowns, MFL Survey of Tank Floors utilizing the Vetco Floor Inspection Tool (F.I.T), Pipeline Inspection Instrumented Scraper services, Onstream MFL Inspection of aboveground piping system with SplitScope System, High Performance Coatings for Pipelines and Oil Country Tubular Goods, Thru-Kote U.B. Sleeves & Insert Fittings for Joining internally Coated Piping Systems, Non Destructive Testing, Materials Testing, Technical Services, Corrosion Prevention, Stationary Inspection Systems, Global Pipeline Inspection Services, Engineering, Research & Development, Inspection Services as follows: Underground Pipeline Inspection (Long Wave Ultrasonic Testing), Coating Inspection, Acoustic Emission Testing & Inspection, Integrity Assessment, Pressure Vessel & Sphere Inspection, Internal corrosion scanning from the external surface using B-scan or C-scan mapping for on-line systems, Acoustic emission testing for plant in service, e.g. LPG spheres, Code assessment to ASME VIII or BS 5500, TOFD for weld inspection. Piping & Pipelines, Long range guided wave ultrasonic testing, Internal corrosion and erosion monitoring using B-scan or C-scan mapping for on-line systems, Thickness monitoring, Integrity assessments based on material test certificates. Risk Based Inspection, Installation and setting up of RBI and asset management software, Provision of RBI trained staff for records development and in-house training. Storage Tanks, Corrosion Monitoring Program, Acoustic Emission Monitoring, Annular Level Surveys, Verticality Measurements, Planar Tilt & Out-of-Roundness Calculations, Floor Thickness Measurements, Shell Thickness Measurements, Roof Thickness Measurements, General Visual Inspection, Magnetic Flux Floor Scanning, A-scan, B-scan or C-scan Floor Examination, API 653, EEMUA 159 or API CP 16 Structural Integrity Assessment, Tank Inspection Records, Recertification, Total Asset Integrity Management Services (TAIMS) Logging Services, Seismic Field Operations, Seismic Data Processing, Seismic Data Interpretation, Shallow Geophysics, Well Log Data, Downhole Seismic Survey, Shallow Drilling, Design Procurement and Construction of Pipelines and Tankers for Crude & Oil Products, Design and Construction of Gathering Centers, Technical Assistance and Maintenance in the Oil Field, Feasibility Studies for Reservoir Engineering, Reserves Evaluation and EOR Methods, Drilling Workover and Completion Wells, PVT Bottom Hole Measurements and Computer Aided Interpretation, Training of Oil Personnel, Complete Drilling Rigs available on Rent with/and Drilling Crew, Drilling Contractors and Many other Services.

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